November 6-21, 2015, Oklahoma City


Ride like an AQHA world champion with patterns from the 2012 AQHA World Championship Show.


Amateur showmanship – prelim
Amateur showmanship – final

Hunt Seat Equitation

Amateur hunt seat equitation – prelim
Amateur hunt seat equitation – final


Amateur horsemanship – prelim
Amateur horsemanship – final

Ranch pleasure

Ranch pleasure – prelim
Ranch pleasure – final

Equitation over fences

Amateur equitation over fences – prelim
Amateur equitation over fences – final

Working Hunter

Amateur working hunter – prelim
Amateur working hunter – final
Progressive, senior working hunter – prelim
Junior, progressive working hunter – final
Senior working hunter – final

Hunter hack

Amateur hunter hack – prelim
Amateur hunter hack – final
Senior hunter hack – prelim
Junior, senior hunter hack – final


Amateur trail – prelim
Amateur trail – final
Junior trail – prelim
Senior trail – prelim
Junior, senior trail – final


Jumping – prelim
Jumping – final

Western riding

Amateur western riding – prelim
Amateur western riding – final
Junior western riding – prelim
Junior western riding – final
Senior western riding – prelim
Senior western riding – final

Working cow horse

Amateur boxing – prelim
Amateur boxing – final
Amateur working cow horse – prelim
Amateur working cow horse – final
Junior working cow horse – prelim
Junior working cow horse – final
Senior working cow horse – prelim
Senior working cow horse – final


Amateur reining – prelim
Amateur reining – final
Junior reining – prelim
Junior reining – final
Senior reining – prelim
Senior reining – final