2015 AQHYA World Show

July 31-August 8, 2015
Oklahoma City

2013 Youth World

Yearling Geldings

A first world championship for Christian Britt and Te Coolest Clu.

Christian Mark Britt of Lumberton, North Carolina, is about as pleased as a young man can be.
The 11-year-old has owned his yearling gelding, Te Coolest Clu, aka “Clu,” barely two months and now he’s a world champion. The two won the yearling geldings world championship at the 2013 Built Ford Tough AQHYA World Championship Show on August 4.

By One Silent Clu and out of Touch Te Coolest by Te Coolest, Clu was bred by Thomas Randolph Creech of Willow Springs, North Carolina.

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“He’s easy to show,” Christian told The American Quarter Horse Journal, “He’s easy to get along with.” And he added, “His head and his neck are the prettiest things about him.”

He said that the hardest part about showing in the Ford Youth World pen was “holding my hands up and getting him to stay still. All of them will move. I had one in the aged geldings (Touched By Michele) the other day, and he wanted to move the whole time, too.”

Christian showed Touched By Michele to win the 2013 Region Ten Championship in aged geldings in Jacksonville, Florida.

He has been showing halter horses since he “was about 8 or 9,” and got into it through his parents, Steven and Amy Britt.

“It’s just fun to me,” he said, “My mom and dad had already been showing, and my sister (Taylor) started showing and then I wanted to do it.”

Steven usually helps Christian with his horses, but for a first appearance at the Ford Youth World, the family asked the help of AQHA Professional Horseman Gene Parker of Orrum, North Carolina.

“(Mr. Gene just said) to be calm and don’t get upset with him,” Christian said, before he went in to show. “Just do your best.

“It felt good (to win,) he added, and smiled. “(Clu) felt a little good, too! It was real fun for me.”

Christian plans to keep showing the gelding and hopes to bring him back to the 2014 Ford Youth World.

But for right now, he wants to let this win soak in and thank some people: “My family, Mr. Gene and I want to thank all the people back home praying for me to get this.”

Te Coolest Clu and Christian Mark Britt

Christian Mark Britt of Lumberton, North Carolina, and Te Coolest Clu win the 2013 youth world championship in yearling geldings. (Journal photo)