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Take a look at the stories in the 2014 April Journal:


  • Your First Look at the Journal (Page 4)
  • Put Your Game Face On -- Inside Look (Page 6)
  • Mailbox (Page 8)
  • Summer Sores -- Horse Health by Dr. Thomas R. Lenz (Page 10)
  • 2013 -- Quarter Paths by Richard Chamberlain (Page 12)
  • Halter Safety -- On the Edge of Common Sense by Baxter Black  (Page 16)
  • Labels -- Breeding Shed by Dr. Patrick M. McCue (Page 18)
  • Take a Fast Look with the Journal -- AQHA and Quarter Horse industry news (Page 116)
  • Your Last Look at the Journal (Page 280)


    2012 American Horse Publications Award winner
  • Hold Your Reins Right! (Page 40) -- Whether you ride English or western, learn how to hold our reins correctly.
  • Borrow a Trainer (Page 42) -- Control your horse's shoulders on the ground with help from AQHA Professional Horsewoman Charlene Carter.
  • The Core Five (Page 46) -- Every horse should be vaccinated against these diseases.
  • A Level Playing Field (Page 52) -- From drug testing to education, from training techniques to leveled opportunities: How AQHA keeps competition fair.
  • Medications Rule (Page 56) -- Progress is being made on one of the most serious issues facing American Quarter Horse racing.
  • Sleep Tight (Page 66) -- Seven ways to stretch your bedding budget.
  • 11 Money-Saving Secrets (Page 74) -- Horse-showing expenses don't have to be a bear if you heed these thrifty tips.
  • Making Cow Horses (Page 78) -- Follow along with 3-year-old prospects on their path to a Zoetis AQHA Ranching Heritage Challenge.
  • Hoof in Detail: Easy Evaluation (Page 84) -- Join us for a basic evaluation of the healthy equine foot.
  • Journal Family: Deborah Weisheim (Page 92) -- Meet AQHA exhibitor Deborah Weisheim of Las Vegas.
  • Barn Babies (Page 96) -- Breeders share their 2014 arrivals.
  • Mother's Milk and More (Page 102) -- As your foal matures, mother's milk might not be enough to help him achieve optimal growth. Creep feeding can be an option for a developing baby.
  • Subscriber Snapshots (Page 110) -- Look through your barn pictures from AQHA or alliance events!
  • Foundation Donors (Page 124)
  • Farnam All-Around Amateur (Page 140) -- Faith and family led Whitney Walquist-Vicars and Southwestern Gunman to become the 2013 Farnam all-around amateur champions. 
  • Markel All-Around Youth (Page 146) -- Ellexxah Maxwell and Zips Bossy Chip up their game to become the 2013 Markel all-around youth champions.
  • Farnam All-Around Junior Horse (Page 152) -- Partnership propelled A Sudden Illusion to the 2013 Farnam all-around junior horse title.
  • Farnam All-Around Senior Horse (Page 158) -- With a style all his own, Romancing The Chics takes the 2013 Farnam all-around senior horse title.
  • 2013 AQHA High-Point Winners (Page 164)
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