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cover of the September 2015 American Quarter Horse Journal

September 2015

September's Featured Articles:
  • Road to the Horse graduates continue their training with AQHA Ranching Heritage Breeder Trevor Carter
  • Learn to adjust your riding style to fit your body type with AQHA Professional Horsewoman Carol Metcalf
  • Thanks to modern technology, you have options when shoeing your horse
August 2015 American Quarter Horse Journal

August 2015

August's Featured Articles:

  • The magic behind Charlie Cole and Jason Martin's success with Highpoint Performance Horses
  • Tendons: what they are, how they work and how to treat them when they're injured
  • From a small ranch near a small town, Jane and Scott Bagley are raising high-quality performance horses
July 2015 American Quarter Horse Journal

July 2015

July's Featured Articles:

  • Here's what you need to know before you buy a used horse trailer
  • Advice on careers in the horse industry, from the people who fill them
  • Meet two AQHYA members who are reaping the rewards of AQHA's youth programs
June 2015 American Quarter Horse Journal

June 2015

June's Featured Articles:

  • KT Ranch's secrets for ranching in the digital age
  • Legendary trail horse Dude Cowboy Two was one of the greatest
  • AQHA judge Bill Enk discusses credit-earning roping runs
May 2015 American Quarter Horse Journal

May 2015

May's Featured Articles:

  • Meet Raymond Coutley, a world champion show jumper with a humble beginning
  • Get insights for horsemanship, western dressage, equine photography and western pleasure
  • Learn a thing or two about the pros of the year, Gary Roberts and Stephanie Lynn
April 2015 American Quarter Horse Journal

April 2015

April's Featured Articles:

  • Dive into the tales of 16 ranches celebrating 75 years as American Quarter Horses breeders
  • Meet the 2014 AQHA high-point winners
  • Get help with memorizing horse-show patterns and roping
April 2015 - High-Point Supplement

April 2015 – High-Point Supplement

Featured Articles:

  • Read the bios of the 2014 AQHA high-point winners in this free supplement to the April 2015 American Quarter Horse Journal
March 2015 American Quarter Horse Journal

March 2015

March's Featured Articles:

  • Get the story behind the new Hall of Fame inductees, including Smart Little Lena, Azure Te, Corona Chick, Coy's Bonanza and Plaudit
  • Learn how to manage muddy pastures, plus equine dental care
  • Master the flying lead change with AQHA Professional Horseman Stephen Stephens, then perfect our featured horsemanship pattern with AQHA Professional Horsewoman Jill Newcomb
February 2015 American Quarter Horse Journal

February 2015

February's Featured Articles:

  • Establish rhythm while posting at the trot with help from a pro
  • How to organize a tack room to improve the functionality of your barn
  • Get the upper hand on pastern dermatitis, better known as scratches
January 2015 American Quarter Horse Journal

January 2015

January's Featured Articles:

  • Enjoy 44 pages of coverage from the 2014 AQHA World Championship Show
  • Find out which horse expenses are deductible on your taxes
  • Try these fitness routines for equestrians to stretch, strengthen and tone your muscles