My Days With Kit

Watch AQHYA member Renee Pope train her AQHA Ranching Heritage Young Horse Development Program filly.

My Days With Kit logoFollow the adventures of one AQHA Young Horse Development Program participant, Renee Pope, and her weanling filly, TRR A Stylish Kit, also known as “Kit.” This mini-series, brought to you by AQHA Video, highlights Kit’s training milestones and lessons learned by both the horse and her young trainer.

“When I went to look at weanlings at Tongue River Ranch in Paducah, Texas, there were about 50 weanlings there. I didn’t think it was possible to choose one,” Renee said, recalling how she hand-selected her project filly for the Young Horse Development Program. “I wanted a filly, so that singled it down a little, but there were still a lot to choose from. She caught my attention with her star, she had really nice white markings and I could almost walk up to her.

“She seemed pretty gentle,” the 13-year-old Amarillo horsewoman added. “She’d come up and look in the back truck windows. I walked around several acres of property looking through groups of weanlings and she followed me from the group. The horse manager said, ‘Hey, she looks like she’s saying, “Pick me! Take me home!” ’ ” 

Part 1

About the Program

The AQHA Young Horse Development Program provides an opportunity for youth to become engaged in the horse industry at a fundamental level that will be fun and educational. Additionally, the project showcases the stock being bred and raised by AQHA Ranching Heritage Breeders. Learn more about the Young Horse Development Program and find out how to get involved at www.aqha.com/aqhya.