angle-left Ranch Riding 13-&-Under

Ranch Riding 13-&-Under

Haylee Triplitt and Roo Starlet get the gold in 13-&-Under ranch riding. Haylee was also reserve world champion with Buckalena Ote, last year's 13-&-Under world champ.
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Winner Stats

Horse Name: Roo Starlet Pedigree: 2009 sorrel mare (Roo Star-Mist N Smokette by Lenas Wright On) Breeder: Melissa Ann Miller of Belton, Texas Owner: Teresa Triplitt of Gouldbusk, Texas Exhibitor: Haylee Triplitt of Gouldbusk, Texas Total Class Entries: 51 World Champion Prizes: Custom-designed gold trophy, Awards Recognition Concepts buckle, neck wreath, Specially designed logoed jacket sponsored by STS Ranchwear, world champion patch Reserve World Champion: Haylee Triplitt and Buckalena Ote Second Place: Beverley Sanchez of Las Cruces, New Mexico, riding Von Pistolero