angle-left 2019 Top 5 Barrel Racing Sires

2019 Top 5 Barrel Racing Sires

View the top barrel horse sires of 2019.

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As events and disciplines become more specialized, so, too, do the American Quarter Horses that are bred to excel in those sports. The question, “What are the top barrel horse bloodlines?” is never too far from any barrel racer’s mind.  

These statistics, powered by AQHA, were compiled from January 1 to December 31, 2019. The figures represent offspring earnings, number of money earners, average earnings and leading money earner for 2019.

Without further ado, the leading barrel racing sires of 2019: 

5. PC Frenchmans Hayday 

1995 palomino (Sun Frost-Caseys Charm by Tiny Circus) 
Breeder: Frances Loiseau of Flandreau, South Dakota 
Owner: Mel Potter of Marana, Arizona 
Offspring Earnings: $628,553 
Money Earners: 68 
Average Earnings: $9,243 
No. 1 Money Earner: DM Sissy Hayday, 2011 palomino mare out of Royal Sissy Irish, $413,984 

4. Frenchmans Fabulous 

1998 palomino (Frenchmans Guy-Caseys Charm by Tiny Circus) 
Breeder: Frances Loiseau of Flandreau, South Dakota 
Owner: Kenny Nichols or James Barron of Waco, Texas 
Offspring Earnings: $630,414 
Money Earners: 56 
Average Earnings: $11,257 
No. 1 Money Earner: KN Fabs Gift Of Fame, 2009 palomino mare out of Mistys Dash Of Fame, $261,205 

3. Slick By Design 

2007 black (Designer Red-Dreams Of Blue by Dream On Dancer) 
Breeder: Allene Tatom of Conroe, Texas 
Owner: AQHA Professional Horsemen Charlie Cole and Jason Martin of Pilot Point, Texas 
Offspring Earnings: $709,049 
Money Earners: 41 
Average Earnings: $17,294 
No. 1 Money Earner: Slick Lane Ta Fame, 2015 black mare out of Short Lane Ta Fame, $131,285 
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2. Frenchmans Guy 

1987 palomino (Sun Frost-Frenchman’s Lady by Laughing Boy) 
Breeder: James and Frances Loiseau of Flandreau, South Dakota 
Owner: Bill or Debbie Myers of Saint Onge, South Dakota 
Offspring Earnings: $744,567 
Money Earners: 206 
Average Earnings: $3,614 
No. 1 Money Earner: Morning Traffic, 2011 palomino mare out of Evening Traffic, $119,303 

1. Dash Ta Fame 

1989 chestnut (First Down Dash-Sudden Fame by Tiny’s Gay) 
Breeder/Owner: Bob Burt of West Jordan, Utah 
Offspring Earnings: $1,890,020 
Money Earners: 321 
Average Earnings: $5,888 
No. 1 Money Earner: Famous Ladies Man, 2015 bay gelding out of Lady Perks, $184,229 

Interesting Takeaways from the Top 5 Barrel Racing Sires of 2019: 

  • No. 4 sire Frenchmans Fabulous and No. 5 sire PC Frenchmans Hayday are both out of Caseys Charm, a daughter of American Quarter Horse Hall of Famer Casey’s Ladylove
  • Casey’s Charm’s paternal grandsire was Tiny Watch. No. 1 sire Dash Ta Fame’s maternal grandsire was Tiny’s Gay, a son of Tiny Watch.  
  • No. 3 sire Slick By Design was the 2012 AQHA junior barrel racing world champion. 
  • No. 4 sire Frenchmans Fabulous is by No. 2 sire Frenchmans Guy. 
  • No. 5 sire PC Frenchmans Hayday and No. 2 sire Frenchmans Guy are both by Sun Frost. American Quarter Horse Stallion Directory 

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