Top 5 Reining Sires of 2019

Top 5 Reining Sires of 2019

Find the top reining bloodlines of 2019. These are the top 5 reining horse sires of 2019.

Smart Spook,a sorrel stallion owned by Rosanne Sternberg of Sterling Ranch, runs in his pasture.  (Photo by Abigail Boatwright)

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What makes a good reining horse? 

Pedigree, confirmation, ability, and heart. It is a combination of these that makes your horse the “total package,” as your horse will not only be able to do the movements, stop, spin, roll back, and change leads, with ease, but they will enjoy it.

With pedigree being a high priority item when selecting a reining horse, a good question to ask is “what are the top reining bloodlines now?” 

These statistics, powered by the American Quarter Horse Association, were compiled from January 1 to December 31, 2019. The figures represent offspring earnings, number of money earners, average earnings and leading money earner for 2019. 

Here are the top reining sires of 2019: 

5. Smart Spook

2001 sorrel (Smart Chic Olena-Sugarplum Spook by Greys Starlight) 
Owner: Rosanne Sternberg
Offspring Earnings: $796,203
Money Earners: 207
Average Earnings: $3,846
No. 1 Money Earner: Patriot, 2015, $99,268

4. Spooks Gotta Whiz

2007 bay (Spooks Gotta Gun-Prettywhizprettydoes by Topsail Whiz)
Owner: Michell Anne Kimball
Offspring Earnings: $877,455
Money Earners: 108
Average Earnings: $8,125
No. 1 Money Earner: Spooks Gotta Spark, 2013, $93,845

3.Gunners Special Nite

2004 sorrel (Colonels Smoking Gun-Mifs Doll by Mifillena) 
Owner: Turnabout Farm
Offspring Earnings: $971,345
Money Earners: 185
Average Earnings: $5,522
No. 1 Money Earner: Guns And Dynamite, 2016, $167,955


2006 sorrel (Colonels Smoking Gun-Natrasha by Trashadeous) 
Owner: Arcese Quarter Horses
Offspring Earnings: $1,206,448
Money Earners: 220
Average Earnings: $5,484
No. 1 Money Earner: Super Marioo, 2016, $233,749

1. Colonels Smoking Gun 

1993 chestnut (Colonelfourfreckle-Katie Gun by John Gun)
Owners: Tim & Colleen McQuay
Offspring Earnings: $1,447,925
Money Earners: 228
Average Earnings: $6,351
No. 1 Money Earner: No Smoking Required, 2013, $370,318

Interesting Takeaways from the Top 5 Reining Sires 

  • Gunnatrashya (No. 2) and Gunners Special Nite (No. 3) on this list are sons of the No. 1 reining horse sire of 2019, Colonels Smoking Gun. 
  • Spooks Gotta Whiz won reining’s triple crown and earned $346,715 in his show career. His breeder, Clint Haverty, was inducted into the National Reining Horse Association Hall of Fame in 2005.
  • Smart Spook has earned over $400,000 in NRHA competitions. 
  • Smart Spook was the 2005 world champion in junior reining with Shawn Flarida aboard. His sire, Smart Chic Olena, is in the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame. 
  • Spooks Gotta Whiz (No. 4) and Smart Spook (No. 5) share Grays Starlight as a grandsire. 
  • Gunners Special Nite was the 2010 U.S. Equestrian Federation Horse of the Year and was the first western horse to receive the honor. He was a double gold medalist at the World Equestrian Games. 
  • Gunnatrashya’s No. 1 money earner, Super Marioo’s, win in the open Level 4 2019 NRHA Futurity pushed teen Cade McCutcheon to $1 million rider status. 
  • Colonels Smoking Gun has won over $170,000 in NRHA competitions. “Gunner” was inducted into the NRHA Fall of Fame in 2003. 
  • Colonels Smoking Gun’s dam, Katies Gun, is Spooks Gotta Whiz’ granddam. American Quarter Horse Stallion Directory is the AQHA’s source of information for mare and stallion owners. Here is some information about this AQHA database that can help you find your next reining stallion:

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