2021 Virtual International Membership Region Summits a Success

2021 Virtual International Membership Region Summits a Success

AQHA members in the Latin American and Australasia-Africa membership regions reviewed AQHA business and enjoyed equine education and entertainment at the 2021 virtual membership summits.

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The American Quarter Horse Association International Department conducts bi-yearly membership summits in each of its four international membership regions: Australasia-Africa, Canada, Europe and Latin America. In 2021, AQHA, in partnership with the international affiliates from the Latin American and Australasia-Africa membership regions, hosted pre-recorded and live seminars to review AQHA business, education and region-specific trivia to celebrate each region through an online learning platform.

Each summit reported the greatest number of attendees ever recorded. Nearly 35 AQHA members from Australia, China, Japan, New Zealand and South Africa participated in the 2021 Virtual Australasia-Africa Summit. More than 100 AQHA members from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Uruguay and Venezuela participated in the 2021 Virtual Latin American Summit.

AQHA business topics included international department-specific and general AQHA news, task force updates, rule changes, funding structures, educational seminars and other information that is pertinent to the region. Topics of discussion also included short- and long-term goals for the AQHA International Department, as well as goals for the affiliate organizations. Educational content topics were American Quarter Horse health and nutrition. Dr. Amanda Bradbery and Dr. Carrie Hammer, the educational clinicians, provided high-quality presentations and attended live question and answer sessions for each summit.

The summits concluded with a live virtual trivia game. This was a fun and energetic way for the AQHA International Department, affiliate leadership and AQHA members to engage. The winner of each trivia game received $2,500 to host an AQHA event of their design in 2021. AQHA’s affiliate in the Dominican Republic won the Latin American trivia game, while AQHA’s affiliate in New Zealand won the Australasia-Africa trivia game.

“AQHA is excited to report two very successful membership summits in 2021 and is eager to partner with international affiliates to not only improve the AQHA member experience in each country, but also engage more potential members,” said Sierra Kane, AQHA director of international activities. “The Association looks forward to hosting the European and Canadian membership summits in 2022 and invite our international members to attend!” 

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The AQHA International Department serves and supports international members and affiliate organizations through the implementation of innovative programs and services that accommodate a diverse set of needs in order to enhance the value of maintaining AQHA membership globally. To learn more, visit www.aqha.com/international.

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