angle-left 8 Ways an American Quarter Horse Changes Your Life

8 Ways an American Quarter Horse Changes Your Life

Versatility, athleticism, dependability – there are many reasons to love the American Quarter Horse.

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The American Quarter Horse Association is the world’s largest equine breed registry, and with registered American Quarter Horses in almost every country, it’s no small wonder that the American Quarter Horse is the world’s favorite horse.
But why exactly does world love to own American Quarter Horses?

  1. They help relieve stress! American Quarter Horses are known for their level-headedness, dependability and versatility. They typically are easy horses to ride, so if you want to relax and take in nature’s beauty on a trail ride, the way to do it is astride an American Quarter Horse. Or maybe you want to blow off some steam at high speeds – then the Quarter Horse is definitely the way to go. Quarter Horses are masters at barrel racing because they’re master sprinters; that’s how they gained their renown as the world’s fastest horse over a quarter of a mile, aka the Quarter Horse. (But more on that in No. 4.)
  2. They make great companions. American Quarter Horses are sweet and personable. (We’d even go so far as to say they’re the friendliest horse breed.) They certainly make the perfect friend to tell your secrets to.
  3. They’re incredibly versatile. American Quarter Horse are good for so many events. These all-stars compete in everything from rodeo events like barrel racing and team roping to Olympic events such as jumping, eventing, dressage and reining.
  4. American Quarter Horses embody the enduring spirit of American history. No joke – American Quarter Horses had a major influence as war horses, work partners in farming and transportation, and the iconic cattle drives of the American West. The breed’s roots are actually from Colonial America, when colonists would race their horses through town, whose streets were usually about a quarter-mile long.
  5. They radiate beauty. From their curious ears, bright eyes, carefully crafted heads and balanced bodies, American Quarter Horses are quite the sight to behold. And when you see them performing daring stops and spins, soaring over fences or blazing by at speeds in excess of 40 mph, it’s poetry in motion.  
  6. Their temperaments make them wonderful therapy horses. An American Quarter Horse’s calm, relaxed demeanor allows the breed to excel as therapy horses and helps people through equine assisted activities & therapies.
  7. They promote community involvement. Owning an American Quarter Horse opens up an entire community where you can develop leadership skills, apply for scholarships, and compete or ride with other American Quarter Horse enthusiasts around the world.
  8. Let’s be honest – have you ridden one? Quarter Horses are awesome

Ready to take the leap? The place to get started is with the Buyers Guide to Owning an American Quarter Horse