angle-left A Great Winning Run

A Great Winning Run

Ready to win a world championship? Here are six steps to a great Journal Winning Run interview.

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From staff of The American Quarter Horse Journal

  1. We like to show emotion! This is an amazing achievement. We know you’re excited to win, and you should be, so laugh, cry, hug, shout … no one will hold your exuberance against you.
      • Is this your first World Show?
      • Your first world championship?
      • Your personal best in the show pen?
  2. Be prepared to talk about your horse. We’re #AllAboutTheHorse at AQHA, and we want to know more about your world champion. You can tell us anything about him or her that’s special to you. That might include:
      • His age.
      • Where you got him.
      • How long you’ve had him.
      • His barn name and how he got that nickname.
      • What you like best about him.
      • What you like about his breeding.
      • His funny quirks.
      • His favorite treat.
  3. Start thinking about how you’d like to explain your go. What did you think of the pattern? Were you nervous going through the Gateway of Champions? Did you feel prepared for your class? How did you practice? What was your favorite part of the class?
  4. Think about what you’d like to know if you were watching the video – and share those stories!
  5. We always ask, “Who would you like to thank?” Pro tip: your parents, significant other, friends, trainer … and, of course, your horse!
  6. Celebrate! You’ll be able to find your “Journal Winning Run” interview at That’s where you’ll also find all the other Winning Run interviews of your fellow world champions.
Katie Fox's Journal Winning Run interview after she won amateur ranch riding with Seismic Reaction was the most-watched video of the 2018 Lucas Oil World.