angle-left A Letter from Your AQHA President

A Letter from Your AQHA President

AQHA President Stan Weaver shares his thoughts on the new AQHA computer system and website with AQHA members.

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Dear AQHA Members,

Many of you know that ranching is in my blood. My family has a long tradition of raising American Quarter Horses. The work at our cattle ranch is done from the back of American Quarter Horses. I have been a breeder for more than 40 years, and we have held a production sale for the past 23 years. I understand that to get the work done for the ranch, horse sales, showing and other events, it is imperative that AQHA provides exceptional customer service when dealing with registrations, transfers and other business matters.

As AQHA members, you are aware we have encountered some roadblocks after transitioning to a new computer system and updated website. Overall, both applications are doing well, yet the delivery of services is not where we feel it should be for our customers.

Prior to launching the database and website, we performed multiple rounds of testing. We did expect to have some issues, as is typically the case in any large system conversion. Unfortunately, some of those issues turned out to be critical to the day-to-day needs of our business.

I can relate to this bumpy installation and roll out. It is like breaking a new colt, they all have their quirks, and occasionally things do not always go as planned. Yet, sometimes those who are the toughest to train have the most potential and are the best at their game once the kinks are worked out. I see this as similar to what we are going through with this technology. The kinks are being worked out, but maybe not as quickly as we would like. We are seeing some kicks and bucks – but nobody has fallen off yet. We ask for your patience, just like we would with that colt who has potential. We think you will find it worthwhile once things smooth out as we continue this ride.

The old system and related infrastructure had gotten to the point that much of it was in an unsupported environment and breaks were no longer fixable – imagine having to mend a fence on the ranch without fencing pliers, fence posts and wire. We could not have relied on the old 1980s green-screen system much longer. We understand that this is not your problem, but a problem we have created that has impacted you and, for that, we apologize. This new system will allow us to use a more modernized platform as the foundation of all future projects, such as a personalized member dashboard that will allow you to see the status of your paperwork and pay invoices online. These efforts are necessary to focus on the future of our great Association.

Our project teams are working hard daily – including evenings and weekends – to resolve these issues and create a better customer experience for our members and horse lovers around the world. It's going to take us a while to catch-up the backlog, but you will see a difference soon.

Our goal is to have the majority of these critical issues addressed over the next few weeks. Those significant issues related to business transactions, such as registration and transfers, creating an account and logins, record ordering and credit cards will be fixed.

The new website continues to perform effectively, and though it is different from before, this innovative site is designed to organize, navigate and search through the valuable content we have accumulated for our members over the years. Once familiar with it, we know you will view it as an improvement over our previous site.

We greatly appreciate members who are sharing their concerns about the new database and website via private message on social media, phone call or emails. Members are also encouraged to share their challenges here.

The team has compiled an FAQ document that is updated daily. Tutorial videos are also available online on a variety of topics to guide you through the new processes such as creating an account or editing a member profile. Those videos can be accessed at

For any winning ride or a horseback ranch job well done, it takes time and patience, and I appreciate yours as we navigate to a more modern and user-friendly experience. Together we will get to a more progressive and improved AQHA.


Stan Weaver
2019 AQHA President