AQHA Bylaw and Registration Changes

AQHA Bylaw and Registration Changes

AQHA members and board of directors approved registration-related items at the 2022 AQHA Convention.

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Modifications to AQHA rules of registration were approved by AQHA members and the AQHA Board of Directors at the 2022 AQHA Convention, February 25-28, in Las Vegas. During two days of the four-day convention, the 13 AQHA standing committees met to consider rule-change proposals and discuss issues affecting the industry.

Per the Association’s bylaws, the board of directors has the final authority when it comes to AQHA’s bylaws and rules of registration. The approved changes to bylaws and rules of registration go into effect immediately. Rule-change recommendations from all of the other standing committees were reviewed and approved by the board of directors. Those recommendations go to the AQHA Executive Committee for review, modification and/or approval at its April meeting.

The Nominations and Credentials Committee did not approve any proposed bylaw changes at this year’s convention. However, 25 proposed rule changes were considered by the AQHA Stud Book and Registration Committee. Here are the committee’s recommendations that were approved by the AQHA Board of Directors:

  • Add myosin-heavy chain myopathy (MYHM) to the genetic health panel and to the required testing for stallions. Stallions previously tested to satisfy the rule will not be required to retroactively add MYHM, but will have the option to add it. To be implemented when programming is complete.

  • Modify REG108 and REG109 so that PSSM, GBED, HERDA and MH are not listed in REG109 as a genetic defect and undesirable trait, but instead listed in REG108 for required testing.

  • In REG108 and REG109, strike the term gene and replace with the term variant, and strike the term defect and replace with the term disorder throughout to be more in line with correct scientific phrasing. 

  • In REG108 and REG109, change the name of the genetic disease panel to genetic health panel.

  • Amend REG104.4 and REG105.5 to clarify the owner must sign the application for registration of horses being registered through an international affiliate that operates its own stud book.

  • Amend REG103.1.3 to clarify that special characters are not allowed in a horse’s name.

  • Amend REG127.2 to change the age a horse is presumed deceased from 25 to 30 years.

  • Adopt a digital certificate of registration beginning with 2024 foals, subject to programming.

The additional 11 standing committee reports will be reviewed by the AQHA Executive Committee and approved rule-changes will be released at a later date.

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