AQHA International Stewards Program is Revived in 2020

AQHA International Stewards Program is Revived in 2020

The AQHA steward’s program has been re-envisioned to once again make AQHA steward education, testing and participation available and more easily accessible to all international membership regions.

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The American Quarter Horse Association is proud to announce that the AQHA steward program is now extended to all AQHA members around the world. This program has been re-envisioned to make steward education and participation formalized, affordable and available to support all local and regional needs internationally.

The international steward program will provide international AQHA show managers with the option to hire stewards from their region for their AQHA-approved shows.

Interested applicants should enroll in the Show Steward Education and Testing course on AQH University. This course will provide educational content and informational materials for those interested in becoming a steward. Read about the AQHA international steward approval process.

If you have any questions about the international steward approval process, please email

About the AQHA Stewards Program
The health and well-being of the American Quarter Horse is AQHA’s utmost concern. In accordance with AQHA’s mission statement, the American Quarter Horse shall be treated humanely, with dignity, respect and compassion at all times. It is the goal of AQHA to educate members and non-members alike on this mission. AQHA stewards play an active role in reinforcing and upholding this initiative.

Read more about the responsibilities, expectations and purpose of an AQHA steward.