AQHYA Youth Excellence Seminar Travel Grants

AQHYA Youth Excellence Seminar Travel Grants

AQHYA and AQHA International are proud to offer travel grants for international and domestic YES attendees.

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The American Quarter Horse Youth Association and AQHA International department are proud to offer travel grants to be awarded to 2024 Youth Excellence Seminar attendees. The event is slated for July 9-11 in Amarillo, Texas. Four grants each will be offered to both international and domestic participants to assist in offsetting travel expenses for those wanting to attend YES.


Four travel grants will be awarded to international attendees up to $2,000 per grant. One grant will be awarded per region: Canada, South America, Australasia-Africa and Europe. If no applicants are awarded from a region, the assigned grant will be awarded to an applicant from another region. Grants will be awarded by an application process reviewed by designated members of both the international and youth activities committees. For travel:

  • AQHA will book flights 60 days in advance of YES.

  • Any selected applicants under the age of 14 must travel with a parent/guardian.

  • AQHA International staff will serve as chaperones for the international grant recipients while attending YES.

The international grants are generously funded by the AQHA International Department.


For domestic attendees, four travel grants up to $500 will be awarded. Grants will be awarded based on the application process reviewed by designated members of the youth activities committee.

The domestic travel grants are generously funded by the AQHA Youth Department.

Application Process

The application process will include basic information, standard questions and one letter of recommendation. Applicants will be required to answer the following questions:

  • Write a personal biography (school activities, hobbies, interests, etc.).

  • Describe involvement within the equine industry (recreational, showing, etc.).

  • Describe future plans or career goals.

  • Explain what it would mean to attend YES.

Applicants will also be required to acknowledge the AQHYA Code of Conduct and Clothing Guidelines. International applicants will also be asked international-specific questions to assist with travel specifications.

To apply for a YES travel grant, click here. Applications are due May 22, 2024.

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