Baxter Black

Baxter Black

Famed cowboy entertainer passed away June 10.

ranchers at dawn (Credit: Journal)

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Famed cowboy poet and entertainer and  former large animal veterinarian Baxter Black passed away June 10, 2022, at the age of 77.

Born January 10, 1945, Baxter wrote more than 30 books of fiction, poetry and commentary, as well as his famous “On the Edge of Common Sense” column, which was carried by more than 150 publications, including The American Quarter Horse Journal

He rode bulls in high school and college, and became a veterinarian. He gained popularity as a public speaker, and had a busy entertainment career that included radio, television, magazines, books, DVDs and other media. 

He resided in Benson, Arizona, with his wife, Cindy Lou, and retired in late 2021. 

Baxter said on his website that his life has been blessed, “I like what I do.  I have a great home to come home to, a couple good horses, a few cows, a good dog, and friends everywhere I go.  I’m square with God and I make a living entertaining people I care about.

“My audience is my inspiration,” he said, “Every cowboy, rancher, vet, farmer, feed salesman, ag teacher, cowman and rodeo hand has a story to tell, and they tell it to me.  I Baxterize it and tell it back to ‘em!  It doesn’t seem fair, does it?”

His final column was published in 2021, “I like living some place a horse matters.”