Complete Yearling Registrations Before Sale Season

Complete Yearling Registrations Before Sale Season

Make sure your consigned yearlings are fully registered in time for the year’s upcoming sales.

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QData, formerly known as Robin Glenn Pedigrees, is a respected pedigree producer in the equine industry and provides data for many of the sales that take place throughout the fall and spring. As a reminder, consigners need to ensure that they have started the registration process for all yearlings going into 2021 sales to ensure that names, registration numbers and pedigree information appear accurately in summer and fall sale catalogs.

Registered names, including reserved or confirmed available names, cannot be used in the sale catalogs unless the registration process is completed and the horse has an official AQHA registration number. Horses with incomplete registrations at cataloging time will be sold as “Name Pending.”

Registering a horse with the American Quarter Horse Association can be one of the most value-adding activities that an owner can perform. To register a horse as an American Quarter Horse, please remember that both parents must be registered. View more information on how to register an American Quarter Horse. Breeders also have the option to register foals online to save $5 on registration fees. View how to register a foal online.


QData is the industry standard for catalog pedigrees, and has defined the model for marketing sale horses. QData annually produces catalogs that consign thousands of horses at more than a dozen major industry sales every year.

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