DQHA Granted Full Affiliate Status by AQHA Executive Committee

DQHA Granted Full Affiliate Status by AQHA Executive Committee

The American Quarter Horse Association reinstates the affiliate status of one of the Association’s oldest international affiliate organizations, DQHA.

broodmare and foal running (Credit: Jeni Dieringer)

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After losing its affiliate status on February 15, 2020, the Deutsche Quarter Horse Association (DQHA), with support from its membership, took immediate action to realign with the American Quarter Horse Association, which serves as the world’s largest equine breed organization. These efforts were successful, and on September 15, 2020, DQHA was granted conditional affiliate status by the AQHA Executive Committee. As a conditional affiliate, DQHA was charged with achieving daughter studbook status, as recognized by its competent authority in Germany, the Bayerische Landesanstalt für Landwirtschaft (LfL), within a one-year timeframe.

DQHA moved quickly to accomplish this goal and subsequently updated its breeding program and bylaws to align with AQHA. Both the restructured breeding program and bylaws were approved by DQHA’s membership in a virtual membership meeting on April 24, 2021, followed by a formal approval from the LfL four months later. With this official approval, DQHA applied for full AQHA affiliate status. As of October 15, 2021, DQHA has been granted full affiliate status by the AQHA Executive Committee.

“AQHA is very excited to recognize DQHA as an approved AQHA international affiliate once again,” said Sierra Kane, AQHA director of international activities. “Both associations are stronger together and today, we celebrate this achievement. AQHA looks forward to working with DQHA to support American Quarter Horse breeders and owners in Germany.”

For questions regarding AQHA international affiliates, please contact international@aqha.org.

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