angle-left ELD – Are You Prepared?

ELD – Are You Prepared?

AQHA wants to make sure the Association’s members are prepared for the FMCSA ELD mandate to take effect on March 18 amid an uncertain future for an additional extension.
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The American Quarter Horse Association, alongside the American Horse Council and other organizations in the agriculture industry, are involved in requests to delay the impending Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration electronic logging device mandate. Currently, there is no indication of an extension. Therefore, AQHA urges members to be prepared for the mandate to go into effect on March 18.

Initially, the mandate went into effect on December 18, 2017. At that time, livestock haulers were granted a 90-day waiver to comply with the mandate, and that waiver will expire March 18, 2018. The rule limits the amount of time a commercial truck driver can drive and mandates a specific amount of off-duty/non-driving time, and requires the use of electronic logging devices to track the driving and non-driving times.

“This is really an hours-of-service issue. How do you haul livestock, live animals, and comply with the mandate, the hours-of-service law?” Sen. Jerry Moran (R-KS) said. “From a human and commonsense point of view, what we have today doesn’t work.”

Sen. Moran also noted that industry groups are seeking an extended delay to the implementation of the ELD mandate.

There is still an opportunity for another extension; however, with the impending deadline of March 18, AQHA urges members who are in interstate commerce (being paid to haul horses interstate) to be prepared by purchasing an ELD. FMCSA has created a list of devices that are self-certified by manufacturers. 

AQHA is concerned about the implementation of the ELD mandate and how it will impact the industry. To aid members in the transition, AQHA has offered a resources page that includes information and background on the mandate. 

The Association will publish any updates concerning the current mandate on AQHA's website as more information is available.

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