Exhibitors by Number of Youth World Championships

Exhibitors by Number of Youth World Championships

Trevor Hale, Kaylee Hamm and Nancy Wells lead the list of youth world champions, with 12 youth world titles each.

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By Becky Newell

Of the three exhibitors with the most youth world championships, which is 12 each, one is a roper and two showed halter horses. Of the three exhibitors with eight youth world championships each, one is a roper and two showed halter horses. Of the two exhibitors with seven youth world championships each, one is a roper and the other showed … you guessed it, halter!

We’ve assembled a list of youth world championships by exhibitor. These stats are calculated for Level 3 youth world championships earned at the AQHYA World Championship Show since it began in 1972. So let’s take a look at some of these world champions.

Trevor Hale (at right on Trouble With Kate), who showed at the AQHYA World between 2014 and 2020, is the son of AQHA judge Greg and AQHA Professional Horsewoman Cindy Hale of Perryton, Texas. Trevor won five total youth tie-down roping world championships aboard Trouble With Kate, DH Light N Cat, JJ Dox Doo Too and Hot Part Jet; his five youth breakaway roping titles came aboard Trouble With Kate, Doc Ginomatic, Electric Amp and JJ Dox Doo Too. He won the youth heading once aboard A Smooth Probability and the youth working cow horse aboard Survive These Lips.

The Hamm sisters, Kaylee (at left with Partee Down Kid) and Monica (below with RPL My Te Cheerful) have 12 and eight youth halter world championships, respectively, thanks to their grandparents. Vern and Rita Habighorst of Phoenix knew that the best way to spend time with their grandkids was to provide horses so that the entire family could show together. Who could forget the undefeatable RPL My Te Cheerful, aka “Henry,” who won four youth world championships, one with Kaylee in 2010 and three with Monica in 2009, 2012 and 2015? The 2004 gelding by Hear The Cheers and out of My Te Telusive by Telusive sits at the top of the list of leading horses by number of open, amateur, Select and youth world championships with a whopping 24 gold globes. Kaylee also showed Tearles N Fearles, Giancarla and Guns And Lace to multiple youth world titles. Besides Henry, Monica also had multiple titles with Miss Kittee.  


Our other exhibitor with 12 youth world titles – all in halter – is Nancy Wells (at left with Taylors Tiff), who came from a prominent Quarter Horse family, as her parents were Jerry and Betty Wells. Between 1976 and 1986, Nancy won youth world titles with Count Redeemer, The Boston Flash, Dreamin Te, Brinks Misty Te, My Impression, Red Sonny Rebel, Poco Coeds Te N Te, Prestigious Maiden (twice), Whiskey Conclusive, A King Of Zip and Taylors Tiff. Nancy then went on to compete in Women’s Professional Rodeo Association barrel racing and qualified for the 1988 National Finals Rodeo.

Ryan Schroeder (at right with Cant Skippa Blaze) came by his roping ability naturally, as his dad is the late Robbie Schroeder. Ryan, who showed at the AQHYA World between 2001 and 2010, took home a total of eight youth roping world championships, two in heading and three in tie-down roping on Cant Skippa Blaze. Cant Skippa Blaze was a 1998 bay gelding by Blazing Hot, who was owned and campaigned by Ryan’s mom, Joan. Cant Skippa Blaze and Ryan also had two youth reserve world championships in heading, two youth heading year-end high-points and youth Superiors in heading and heeling. Ryan also won youth heeling world championships aboard Raz Lad and SL Hannahs Sparky, and another youth heading world title on Good N Busy.

Here's the list of exhibitors by number of youth world champions. If you have any memories to add, just email Becky Newell.

Trevor Hale, 12
Kaylee Hamm, 12
Nancy Wells, 12
Monica Hamm, 8
Ryan Schroeder, 8
Bret Roger Turner, 8
Bryce Briggs, 7
Cooper Dobbs, 7
Joetta Leeanne Meredith Bell, 6
C.R. Bradley, 6
Morgan Brehm, 6
Keith Carter, 6
Carrie Dean, 6
Nancy Dyer, 6
Deanna Green, 6
Mindi Lee, 6
Cutter McLaughlin, 6
Tyler Merrill, 6
Ali Papendick, 6
McKenzie Ammerman, 5
Cali Brookshire, 5
Abigail Hardy, 5
Sarah Leppard, 5
Kimble Lewis, 5
Jonathan Rounds, 5
Natalie Vargo, 5
Jackson Ammerman, 4
Alisa Bernhard, 4
Reid Bruce, 4
Jordan Byrd, 4
Gentry Cherry, 4
Ty Cornelius, 4
Morgan Field, 4
John Ryon Foster, 4
Clay Fuller, 4
Emma Grace Gore, 4
Abby Green, 4
Sue Hendrickson, 4
Morgan Holmes, 4
Lindsay Humphrey, 4
R.J. Jacobs, 4
Jessica Johnson, 4
Ryan Kail, 4
Robyn Carol Kaplow, 4
Nya Kearns, 4
Jamin Lesh, 4
Jared Lesh, 4
Joel Lesh, 4
Paulina Martz, 4
Erin Nicole Mask, 4
Giorgia Medows, 4
Abigail Pait, 4
Kristina Papendick, 4
Mike Petty, 4
Erin Sagers, 4
Travis Sancken, 4
Taylor Searles, 4
Shyanne Smith, 4
Robin Swinderman, 4
Carrie Von Uhlit, 4
Travis Walters, 4
Marty Wells, 4
Kelly Wittman, 4
Jennifer Wright, 4