angle-left First Payment Deadline Approaching for Halter Nomination Program

First Payment Deadline Approaching for Halter Nomination Pilot Program

Nominate halter horses by December 31 for amateur, Select and open halter world show qualifying.

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The American Quarter Horse Association is offering a third way for amateur, Select and open exhibitors to qualify their halter horses for AQHA world championship shows*.

The three qualifying methods now include:

  1. Qualify by earning the required number of points,
  2. Compete at a designated number of shows during the respective qualifying period (10 for Select and amateur or 20 for open) or
  3. Participate in the nomination program for halter horses.

The first nomination payment is due December 31, 2018; late fees apply after this deadline. The nomination form can be found under Register at The full payment schedule is also available.

The nomination payments will be added to their respective class purses, and all entries in that class at the 2019 world shows will be eligible to receive the full purse, regardless of the qualifying method.

The program is patterned off of a futurity payment structure, and the cost of the nominations is dependent upon division. For open classes, if all payments are made on time, the total nomination payment is $7,500. The total amateur/Select payment is $5,000, if all payments are made on time.

Learn more about the Halter Nomination Program.

*The Halter Nomination Pilot Program allows owners to nominate a horse to a specific AQHA world show, but does not include performance halter class or halter classes at the Built Ford Tough AQHYA World Championship Show.