Foals Bred by Cooled Transported and Frozen Semen

Foals Bred by Cooled Transported and Frozen Semen

What you need to know to get your specially bred foal registered.

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With modern advances in science, we can now breed a mare to a stallion without them ever being in the same pasture. They don't even have to be on the same continent! Semen can be cooled or frozen and shipped virtually anywhere. Read on for AQHA's rules regarding mares bred by cooled transported and frozen semen.

In the instance that either cooled or frozen semen is used in horse breeding, AQHA requires the stallion owner to indicate the method of breeding on the 
stallion breeding report.

When reporting the breeding to AQHA, stallion owners must distinguish each mare bred and the breeding method on their stallion breeding report. A common source of confusion is mares bred via artificial insemination. AQHA considers this breeding method "live cover." Because the stallion and mare are at the same place, there's not much room for confusion.

Remember that breeding stallions must be DNA typed and the five-panel genetic test completed for the 2015 breeding season. All breeding mares born in or after 1989 must be DNA typed with AQHA in order for their offspring to be registered.

When registering a foal produced by cooled transported or frozen semen or embryo transfer, the foal must be 
parentage verified.

Please keep in mind, with respect to any stallion foaled 2015 or after, the semen of such stallion may not be used beyond 2 calendar years following the year of his death or his being gelded to produce a foal eligible for registration with AQHA.

Other than these requirements, no other foal registration procedure changes. Once registered, the foal's certificate will denote the breeding method that produced it.