Free Corrections at AQHA

Free Corrections at AQHA

It's easy to make minor changes to your horse's AQHA registration certificate.

buckskin horse in a halter (photo by Laura Bell for 2019 AQHA Calendar Contest)

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It can take up to a year for a horse to completely shed out to determine the color; however, we encourage you to go ahead and submit your foal's AQHA registration application to avoid late fees. Your foal's color can be changed on its papers later if you might have guessed incorrectly.

AQHA is happy to correct many changes to your horse's registration certificate. Many corrections can be made to a certificate free of charge within the first 12 months of your horse's age or 6 months of the issue date of the certificate, whichever gives you the most time. All corrections must be submitted by the current recorded owner. In all instances, we require your horse's original certificate and a statement verifying the correction needing done or Corrected Certificate form so we can notate the correction. If corrections are not submitted within this time frame, the above must be provided in addition to the applicable correction fee.


Here are the corrections AQHA makes for our members. Those that are free of charge at all times are denoted as such:

Your horse has been gelded or sex change correction:

  • Send a statement to AQHA denoting the sex change.

  • Include the date gelded (if known).

    • Stallion to gelding correction is FREE.

    • Any other gender changes require full correction requirements including the fee.

Your horse has been branded:

  • Send the Corrected Certificate form including location and written description.

  • Tell AQHA whether the brand is a freeze or a fire brand.

  • A brand addition to a registration certificate is always a free correction, no matter the horse's age. 

  • Note: The removal of a brand is NOT a free correction and will require the above in addition to the correction fee.

Your horse now has a scar (that white hair has not grown in place of):

  • Send the Corrected Certificate form to AQHA with the marking(s) correction or shape of the scar.

  • Photo of the marking or scar. 

Your horse's markings do not match the registration certificate:

  • Most markings corrections are free of charge if submitted within the first 12 months of your horse's age or 6 months of the issue date of the certificate​​​​​​.

  • If corrections are submitted outside of the above-mentioned time frame, a correction fee is also required.

  • Four full view color photos are required.

 Your horse's color differs from its registered color:

  • Four full view photos are required to update the color.

  • Send the Corrected Certificate form to AQHA along with the certificate of registration and applicable fees.

Your horse's foaling month or day was improperly listed:

  • Written statement of the correct month and/or day of foaling. (If this affects fees, it is considered a re-registration and a re-registration fee is applied.)

Your horse ownership transfer date is incorrect:

  • AQHA will need a signed statement from the buyer and seller indicating the correct transfer date and applicable fees.

You wish to change your horse's name:

horse name change is a separate process and requires the Horse Name Change form, Original Certificate of Registration, and $100 fee if the horse meets the qualifications for a name change.

Registration Certificates: Correction Process

For corrections that do not fall under free corrections, you will need to provide AQHA with the $20 correction fee, photos, and a Corrected Certificate form for anything not listed as free.

All corrections can be mailed to:

Mailing address:
American Quarter Horse Association
PO Box 200
Amarillo, TX 79168

Overnight/Courier Address:
American Quarter Horse Association
1600 Quarter Horse Drive
Amarillo, TX 79104

Cutting it close to the 1-year birth date or 6-month issue date deadline?

Feel free to fax your information to 806-349-6407 or email it to and applicable fees. This will hold your correction on the date it is received, and you can send your certificate by mail. Photos are best sent by mail or email.

We are always here to help. Give us a call at 806-376-4811, option 1, extension 4 or use our contact form.