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Geri Dunn

Meet the America's Horse In Art artist.

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Geri was born in California, into a family of six siblings. At the age of 7, her family moved to Santa Ynez Valley, just north of Santa Barbara, and it completely changed her life.

Growing up in the Santa Ynez Valley, steeped with a wealth of ranching and cowboy traditions, it ignited a passion for understanding the history that characterized our nation. She fell in love with the traditions surrounding her, and let it fuel her imagination. Geri picked up the pencil at 9 years old, nurturing her talent with the help of some amazing artists.

Three years ago, Geri was mentored by nationally recognized Southwestern artist Judith Durr, learning the basics of oil painting. While Geri still finds time to draw with pencils, oil painting has completely captivated her, and the stories seem to unfold with untamed enthusiasm. Geri Dunn is a nationally recognized artist, exhibiting in galleries, museums and invitational art festivals throughout the nation.