Getting to the Root

Getting to the Root

Getting a hair root for your horse's genetic tests doesn't have to be a battle.

gray horse (photo by Jessica Hunley of Guns Lil Bingo submitted for 2019 AQHA Calendar contest)

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I need to order a genetic test for my horse. What's the best way to get root when pulling hair from my horse's mane?
-- Dina Allen
Starkville, Mississippi


You should pull your horse's hair from above the withers (at the withers will be too fine and tends to break off). If you pull evenly and directly away from the neck, the hair will generally come out by the roots.  We recommend obtaining 30-50 strands of hair for testing.

-- Tammy Canida, AQHA director of registration operations

AQHA offers a five-panel genetic test, which tests your horse for HYPP, PSSM, MH, GBED and HERDA. 

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