angle-left Quarter Horse Racing Greatness: Go Man Go

Quarter Horse Racing Greatness: Go Man Go

Where would American Quarter Horse racing bloodlines be without this horse-racing legend?
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Did you know that one of the most famous Quarter Horses of all time almost wasn’t registered? Yes, American Quarter Horse Hall of Famer Go Man Go, three-time world champion Quarter running horse and sire of foals that earned more the $7.5 million on the racetrack, almost didn’t get a permanent registration. 

Here are five facts you might not know about Go Man Go:

  1. He was foaled in a time of divisiveness. At the time, there were two very distinct factions involved in the governance of AQHA – those who wanted to stick with the bulldog conformation and those who wanted to allow horses that had some Thoroughbred in their breeding. 
  2. He was registered Appendix. Go Man Go was born of a Thoroughbred stallion and an Appendix mare. 
  3. He was a champion from the start. Go Man Go had an amazing freshman year, finishing his first season in 1955 as a world champion, and followed in 1956 to successfully defend his title. 
  4. It was a long battle to be recognized in the true registry. After more than three years, a strong appeal and endless petitioning, Go Man Go was finally advanced to the Tentative registry based on inspection of his first foals, despite his Thoroughbred conformation.
  5. His legacy lives on - successfully! Go Man Go is in the pedigree of more than 23 world champion running horses. No wonder he’s in the Hall of Fame.