Best Podcasts for People Who Love Quarter Horses

Best Podcasts for People Who Love Quarter Horses

If you're looking for something to listen to while cleaning stalls or driving to competitions, try these horse podcasts.

showmanship exhibitor looks at iPhone while holding bay horse (Credit: Journal)

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Podcasts are audio files that you can download and listen to at your convenience, and are available on all kinds of topics. If you have time to fill while you’re cleaning stalls or driving to your next horse show, try these great horsey podcasts, which are all free. 

Download them on your favorite podcast app. (We use Overcast). 

Best Horse Podcasts

1.    Horse Radio Network 

Horse Radio Network has a whole stable of podcasts, and you can either download one specific topic or the whole group. The topics include general horse topics, horse health, specific disciplines like dressage or driving and more. 

2.    Stacy Westfall Horse Podcast

In the Stacy Westfall Horse Podcast, the famed trainer takes listeners on her horse journey, exploring training topics and other areas of interest to horse people. Don't miss the article about Stacy in the December-January The American Quarter Horse Journal!

3.    Cowhorse Full Contact

On Cowhorse Full Contact, reined cow horse legends Chris Dawson and Russell Dilday interview other industry legends for fascinating and funny insights into famous horsemen and the horse business. 

4.    The Score from The Team Roping Journal 

The Score from The Team Roping Journal brings you insight from the team roping world, from The Team Roping Journal, including results and interviews of those involved in the business. 

5.    Along For The Ride with Andrea Fappani 

With the Along for the Ride with Andrea Fappani podcast, the famed reining trainer talks with respected horsemen in the industry.