Horsemen of the World Exhibit

Horsemen of the World

Explore horse breeds, uses and cultural traditions from around the world.

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There is a unique bond between horse and horseman.

More than 6,900 languages are spoken around the world today, but one language is spoken throughout – the language of the horse. Despite differences in breed, discipline and location, the relationship between human and horse is valued, nurtured and depended upon in a variety of cultures.

Horses play a unique role in cultures and communities around the world. From the American cowboy to the Mexican charro, the Argentinian gaucho, the riders of the Royal Spanish Riding School, breeders of Arabian racehorses, South African ranchers, Australian stockmen, plainsmen of Mongolia, dressage competitors of Germany and jockeys in the United Kingdom, all share a passion and love for the horse.

The 10 countries highlighted in this exhibit showcase breeds, disciplines, training styles, uses of the horse and cultural traditions from around the world.

In each of these countries, horse culture is deeply rooted in their history and many of the traditions are passed down through generations.

As you explore this exhibit, close your eyes and imagine yourself flying across the desert on the back of an Arabian, performing “airs above the ground” on the Lipizzaners of the Spanish Riding School, or guiding cattle on an Argentinian estancia on the back of a Criollo. Explore the fascinating world of the horseman and discover the ways that the horse is celebrated by horsemen around the world!


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