How to Create and Edit Your Profile

How to Create and Edit Your Profile

After you've created an account, the next step to conducting business online is to create and edit your profile.

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Once you create your AQHA account, you will need to sign in and create your Profile if you have not previously associated your account. If you have a member number, you will select edit profile within the Services area. You will need to use the user name and password used to create your account.


After sign in, a prompt will ask if you wish to create a new profile.  Select "Yes," then enter your contact information and associate your membership. 

If you previously created on online account, you will need to select "No," and instead edit your profile.

Please note, anything with a red asterisk is required to create your profile. Fields without a red asterisk are optional.  Additionally, any section that is collapsed can be expanded – just click the plus sign to the right of the section title.

When the page loads you will enter your information, starting with your personal info. Enter the type of customer you are establishing your profile for: company, individual, or non-individual.  

Then select the appropriate title, if applicable.  Your name will prefill using the information you entered to set up your account.

You can enter a suffix, along with your preferred name, date of birth, and gender.  If you established the customer type as company, you will be provided the option to enter your company name instead of individual first and last name.

Next, enter your address and phone number.  You can also enter the following optional information: 

  • Occupation
  • Organization
  • Tax type
  • Tax ID
  • Driver’s License
  • Areas of interest
  • Preferred Language(s)

In this section, you will establish and answer your security questions.  Select your first secret question, and enter the appropriate answer in the Answer 1 field.  Do the same for your second secret question.

Below this section, you have the option to enter a payment method/methods.  Click add and Maintain Credit Card, then enter your credit or debit card information, along with the billing address.  You can select add to add this card, or apply and add to add this card and keep the Maintain Credit card section open to add another payment method.  Once you have added your card or cards, they will show up in this grid.  You can also select the credit card with the check mark to the left to remove a card.


Next, you have options to enter Account Access. This section allows you to :

  • Associate AQHA ID numbers to your profile for access to business transactions.
  • List the people who have access to your membership, meaning their AQHA ID numbers may be linked to profile  for business transactions.
  • Select a Default ID (for online work).

To associate an ID, click the Add option. A field will result below the grid for you to enter the ID number. Select Next.  Two secret questions will come up. Once you have supplied the correct answers, select Apply. If one or more of the answers are incorrect, you will receive a red error at the top of the page because the answers provided for the secret questions do not match our records.  The error will need to be repaired to continue linking the ID number.  But if answers are correct, the information will load in the Account Access grid. You can continue to add ID’s and answer security questions as needed and set the appropriate primary ID number.  If you are not able to link the AQHA ID numbers to your account and need assistance, please contact customer care.

Below this grid, you can view any user accounts that have associated your membership to their online accounts and have been granted account access. You can maintain these by removing any user accounts that should no longer be associated. To remove a user from having access to your membership, you would select the name by selecting the check mark to the left of the name, and clicking Remove to remove their access.

Once you have associated all the appropriate ID numbers, and removed any (if applicable) click Save.  Once successful, all information entered, including associated ID numbers, will be added to your profile. 

Your default ID number will display to the right of your username so that you can conduct AQHA business.

You can also edit any information after signing in and selecting “edit profile” in AQHA Services.  Update any necessary information.  Once you have updated your information appropriately, click save. Once successful, all information updated will be added to your profile.