angle-left How to Pay an AQHA Invoice

How to Pay an AQHA Invoice

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To access the option to pay an invoice, you will need to sign into AQHA services. If you need help creating an account, please go back and learn how to Create an Account.

To pay an invoice, you will also need to have your AQHA ID number associated to your online account in your account profile. If you need help linking ID, please watch the video about linking ID numbers to your profile. Once you’re signed in with the appropriate ID number, select “Pay Invoices” located in the Profile Box of AQHA services. 

You have the option of paying a single invoice or multiple invoices. When the page loads, a list will result with any outstanding balances due. 

You can then select one or multiple invoices to add to the cart by clicking the check mark to the left of the invoice and selecting add to cart.  When the page loads, you will be taken to your shopping cart to view a summary of charges. If you have a promotional code, please add it to the promotional code field and apply.  To continue the checkout process, you will need to select Proceed.

If you have previously stored a credit or debit card on your profile, payment will default to this option. If you wish to use a different payment method, you may use the drop down to select another credit card stored in your AQHA wallet, or choose to add a new payment method.

By clicking “Check out” the payment will process and the payment of your invoice or invoices will be complete. If successful, you’ll receive a success message on the screen confirming the charge and advising of a receipt to be sent via email. If the payment does not complete, an error message will result.