How To Register Your AQHA Foal

How To Register Your AQHA Foal

Use these tips to make your foal a part of the world's largest breed registry.

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Everyone loves American Quarter Horse foals.

But it takes a lot more than a sire and dam to get a foal registration in the works. One of our most frequently asked questions by AQHA members is, “How do I register my foal?”

Three Ways to Submit a AQHA Registration Application

There are three ways to submit an AQHA registration form. Here we rank them in order of the speediest processing:

  1. Online registration.
  2. Email scanned registration application.
  3. Mail registration application.

Pre-Printed Registration Application

Every year, AQHA mails out a preprinted registration application (also called a breeder’s certificate) to every stallion owner who files a stallion breeding report. This application will contain pertinent information, such as the sire and dam’s information, mare and stallion owner’s name and address, and the breeding dates. It’s up to you, the proud owner of a new foal, to fill in the rest.

Download Blank Registration Application

But what if you don’t have a preprinted application? AQHA has a blank registration application available for download. This is the same form, but you have to fill in all the information that would already be filled in on the preprinted version.

Information Needed for Registration Application

Now you need to ask yourself a few questions:

  • Is my foal name choice available? (Here's how to research foal names.)
  • Does my foal need to be parentage verified, HYPP tested or do I want to have the entire 5-panel genetic test done?
  • Do I have the proper markings or photos of the foal?
  • Do I have all the signatures I need to get my foal registered?
  • Have I marked the color and gender of the foal?

Once you have all of these basic things covered, you can ship the registration application off to AQHA with the peace of mind that it will probably get processed without a hitch!

Registration FAQs

If an AQHA foal registration isn’t something you do every day, it can be a little confusing. And there are a lot of scenarios that can come into play when registering your foal. Not all registrations are the same, and depending on several factors, there are some additional things you may need to do.

The AQHA Member Experience Team is available via phone and email to conduct any necessary research for you. 

Read up on AQHA registration rules in the AQHA Official Handbook of Rules and Regulations.

AQHA Online Registration

You’ll save $5 on your foal’s registration fee, if you register it online. Also, online registration applications are given priority over those that are mailed to AQHA. Here is a quick list of the information you will need to register your foal online. Make sure you have created an account using a username and password and that your AQHA membership ID is linked to your account. Once you are signed in, click on Members in the top right on Click on Registration under Ownership to begin!

  • Link your membership as the owner of the dam at time of foaling or owner of the foal at time of breeding if the foal was the result of embryo transfer.
  • Date foaled.
  • Breeding method, including embryo transfer date and number, if applicable.
  • If the stallion breeding report is not listed, you can still apply for registration. However, AQHA will not be able to complete the registration until all documents are received. 
  • Dam's name and/or registration number and the name and/or registration number of the stallion she was bred to.
  • Five photos are required for online registration. You can also scan the markings diagram for reference.
  • Foal name choices.
  • Signed breeder's certificate from the stallion owner, unless the stallion owner released the breeding online.
  • For transfers included with online registration: date of sale and buyer's information (name, AQHA ID number, address, phone number and email address).

Once all the information is entered, add it to your shopping cart, using the promo code ONLINEREG, and enter your payment method to submit the registration for processing.

Weaning Foals: Free eBook

Is weaning time approaching? There are plenty of decisions to be made for your foal. The Weaning Foals: Nutrition and Best Practices e-book, free to AQHA members, focuses on weanling nutrition and best practices for weaning. Download your copy.

Insuring Your Foal

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