Lazy K Memories

Lazy K Memories

Photographer Chris Dickinson reflects on a memorable visit to the Lazy K Ranch in Chowchilla, California.

Two conchos with the Lazy K brand are held in a person's hand.

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Photographer Chris Dickinson traveled on assignment to the Lazy K Ranch in Chowchilla, California, for a story that appears in the June-July issue of The American Quarter Horse Journal. He sent us this note about his experience there:  

"On my last day with Lazy K, we were all gathering for dinner behind one of the barns, out of the setting sun. Before I rounded the corner to the picnic table, Kayne (Sherry Knapp’s granddaughter) cut me off. With tears in her eyes, she grabbed my hand and said, “I know my grandparents aren’t going to be around forever, and these pictures will forever memorialize them. Thank you!” Then she placed two Lazy K-branded conchos off her headstall in my hand. I’ll tell ya, it’s just enough to make a guy get emotional. Just so deeply heartfelt. Without my relationship with the Journal, it’s a story I wouldn’t be able to tell."

Enjoy our slideshow of photos from Chris' memorable shoot at the Lazy K, and don't forget to check out the June-July Journal to read more about the Knapp family and its unique philosophy of utilizing mare power to its fullest potential. The Journal, published eight times a year, is an AQHA member benefit