angle-left Meet Your Equestrian Fitness Goals

Meet Your Equestrian Fitness Goals

Is your goal to get in shape for the New Year? Become a stronger, more athletic rider with these tips.

english bay roan horse and rider (Credit: Stephanie Kallenberger)

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Have you vowed that 2020 is the year you become a better, stronger, more-fit rider? AQHA and The American Quarter Horse Journal have you covered with great tips for achieving your New Year's resolutions.

Take a look at our great resources for better fitness, in and out of the saddle.

  1. Fit to Ride: A comprehensive e-book featuring equestrian workouts, yoga for equestrians, the best exercises for horse riders and more. AQHA members receive free access to this e-book! 
  2. 12 Yoga Tips for Equestrians: These yoga stretches and concepts are a great warm-up before you swing your leg over the saddle.
  3. Seven Drills for Correct Riding Position: These exercises will help you perfect your alignment in the saddle.
  4. Six Exercises to Improve Strength, Rhythm and Balance: These moves will help you develop a secure seat, strong legs and incredible rhythm aboard your horse.
  5. Improving Your Endurance in the Saddle: This advice aims at your core muscle strength, so you can post your horse's trot without tiring quickly.
  6. Yoga Breathing Exercises: These tips are easy to perform in the saddle and will calm your horse-showing nerves.
  7. Stretches for Riders: This advice explains the importance of stretching before and after your ride, so you can stay in top shape and perform to the best of your ability. 

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