Mr. Personality

Mr. Personality

Onerighteousimage is backed by a dedicated team.

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By The American Quarter Horse Journal editor Andrea Caudill

If you’re looking for personality, look no farther than Onerighteousimage.

“Jimmy” is, his owner says, “The funniest horse God ever made.”

Annette Pellens of Bakersville, California, got him in 2014 as a freshly-turned 5-year-old. Bred by William Hibbs of Bolivar, Ohio, the horse is by Righteous Invitation and out of the Shy Prescription mare Heart Throbs Shy Ann.

Annette uses words like “funny,” “lap bunny” and “energetic” to describe the now-10-year-old, as she simultaneously juggles the championship hardware he earned by winning the Level 1 Amateur Performance Halter Geldings, the largest halter class held at the AQHA West Level 1 Championship Show and, after he begs her, obliges him by tugging on his stuck-out tongue (his favorite thing).  

Jimmy is also a survivor.

Last year, the horse kicked through a welded wire fence, busting a hole through it and impaling himself with a six-inch piece of wire in his right hind leg. It went up into his leg – missing all the boney structures – and required surgery to remove it. It all caused significant damage and required significant care. 

“You spend a lot of money on a horse, but they’re your baby at the end of the day,” Annette says.

Both euthanasia and permanent retirement were on the table in those initial days after injury. It was a tough time. 

Fortunately, Jimmy also has a dedicated team behind him.  

Annette, a critical care nurse for more than two decades, knows the level of work such a recovery requires. Her trainer, Rachele Scobie, was willing to do what was necessary to heal Jimmy.

“He was on stall rest for five months, lost all his muscle mass – he was so weak, and so sick,” Annette says. “It took a solid year of Rachele busting her hiney, but … here we are.”

The extensive recovery included stall rest, medications, ice and cold therapy, and then a long, slow, careful return to work. 

This is their first big show since he recovered, and they’re making the most of it. In addition to their performance halter win, they also were second in the Level 1 select hunter under saddle the day before. 

Annette rode as a child, but took a 20 year break for marriage, kids and work. She got back into riding and showing, and is even showing this year with her daughter, Olivia, at the Level 1 Championship.

The handsome, well-muscled horse now gleams with good health. 

It is a testament to extraordinary love, dedication and teamwork on behalf of one kinda goofy gelding.

“It’s a miracle in my book,” Annette says. 

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