My YES Experience

My YES Experience

No matter your age or discipline, the Bank of America Youth Excellence Seminar is a can’t-miss leadership opportunity for AQHYA members.

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Hello, my name is Mimi Cate Copeland. I am a fifth grader and am home schooled. I ride my horse Travelers Invitation, better known as, “Travis,” a few times a week. I am blessed to be able to ride with Rebecca Halvorson, Margaux Tucker and my friend, Maddie Parduhn.

My most favorite thing about being involved with the American Quarter Horse Youth Association is that older kids like AQHYA President Ann Elizabeth Tebow and past AQHYA officer, Paige Wacker, always make an effort to include me. I am a lot younger, but they treat me like a part of the team. I look up to them because they are American Quarter Horse Youth Association officers, and I love them because they are my friends for life. I always have a blast playing all the games they have planned when we are at meetings. Eventually, I hope to run for a delegate position within Oklahoma Quarter Horse Youth Association.

I loved going to the Bank of America Youth Excellence Seminar last summer because I made new friends and got to see so many of my old friends. After YES last year, I became determined to become an officer of AQHYA when I am old enough to campaign. It was very thrilling to see all the poster boards and gadgets everyone used to introduce themselves to all the members. Our guest speaker was very interesting, and I learned about a lot of different personalities. Region 8 got the opportunity to plan together for the year, and we always have a good time playing games and sharing ideas. The dance on the last night was crazy fun. I liked showing off my mad dance skills. I hope that I can attend this year’s years YES conference and you should, too.