New AQHA Classes

New AQHA Classes

Six new classes, which were member-driven initiatives, are currently in the software testing phase at AQHA and will be offered soon at upcoming AQHA-approved shows.

An english rider is on a bay horse in the Jim Norrick Arena.

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The American Quarter Horse Association has continued to diligently improve the AQHA exhibitor experience even during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The AQHA Show, IT and Project Management departments focused on implementing classes that were member-driven initiatives voted on at past AQHA conventions and were on hold pending computer programming.

“We are excited to share the news that six new classes are currently in the testing phase at AQHA,” said Justin Billings, chief show officer. “The additional classes will allow exhibitors from English, western and ranch-horse disciplines new options to compete with their American Quarter Horses. After the programming for the classes is completed in the next few weeks, the classes can be offered at AQHA-sanctioned events, once shows resume as local, state and federal mandates are lifted.”

The new classes are:

Each class was designed to enhance the showing experience by providing more opportunities for skill development and to build on other classes already offered at shows. The six new classes will also be eligible for year-end high-point awards in 2021.

Class descriptions and rules are available at as a supplement to the 2020 Official AQHA Handbook of Rules and Regulations. The rules will be published in the 2021 AQHA rulebook.

“The Association notified show managers and secretaries, judges, stewards and AQHA Professional Horsemen about the classes last week and will continue to share additional updates about the implementation of these classes,” said Billings. “We encourage exhibitors to familiarize themselves with the class descriptions and rules to be prepared for when the classes will be officially launched for shows in the coming weeks.”

Once testing is completed and the new classes are available at AQHA-approved shows, AQHA will notify members at

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