Open Dressage Stakes

Open Dressage Stakes

Lynn Palm and WTR Herestoyourhonor win the inaugural dressage stakes.

Lynn Palm and WTR Herestoyourhonor accept the awards for winning the dressage stakes at the 2020 Farnam AQHA and Adequan Select World Championship Show.

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Winner Stats

Horse Name: WTR Herestoyourhonor Pedigree: 2011 sorrel mare (Alota Gator Bait (TB)-WF Honor And Glory by Debt Of Honor) Breeder: Lise Blanton of Myakka City, Florida Owner: Adelaide Pickett of Ocala, Florida Exhibitor: Lynn Palm of Ocala Total Class Entries: 16 Second Place: Ive Got A Minute and Mary Elizabeth Zoldak of Moriarty, New Mexico Third Place: Simone Deville and Stacey McAlexander of Austin, Texas Fourth Place: Well Al Be and Rachel Bitsko of N. Huntingdon, Pennsylvania Fifth Place: Madison Circle and Lynn Palm Sixth Place: Smart Jack Jonez and Stacy McAlexander Seventh Place: Nu Soldier Of Fortune and Marie Banks of Calverton, New York Eighth Place: For Satchels Memory and Heather Gelvin of Collinsville, Oklahoma Ninth Place: OC Baymont Shooter and Shelley Johnsen of Hawley, Minnesota Tenth Place: Fancy Chex Music and Paetyn Gilliam of Perkins, Oklahoma