Open Western Dressage Stakes

Open Western Dressage Stakes

Sophia Harris and Freckled Taffy win inaugural Western Dressage stakes class.

western dressage stakes class sophia harris freckled taffy

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Winner Stats

Horse Name: Freckled Taffy Pedigree: 2002 sorrel mare, Circle Cee-Peppa Tivio by Peponita King Sam Breeder: Jay Stewart of Wood River, Nebraska Owner: Daniel and Sophia Harris of Delta, Colorado Exhibitor: Sophia Harris Total Class Entries: 21 Champion Prizes: Custom-designed gold trophy, champion buckle, champion neck wreath and a champion patch Second Place: WTR Herestoyour honor and Lynn Palm of Ocala, Florida Third Place: Smart Jack Jonez and Stacey McAlexander of Austin, Texas Fourth Place: Nusoldier Of Fortune and Marie Banks of Calverton, New York Fifth Place: Simone Deville and Stacey McAlexander of Austin, Texas Sixth Place: Ive Got A Minute and Mary Zoldak of Moriarty, New Mexico Seventh Place: Quail Roberts and Sandy Welch of Caballo, New Mexico Eighth Place: Von Reminics Athena and Katrin Silva of Las Vegas, New Mexico Ninth Place: Fancy Chex Music and Paetyn Blake GIlliam of Perkins, Oklahoma Tenth Place: Madison Circle and Lynn Palm of Ocala, Florida