Participate in AQHA Competition

Participate in AQHA Competition

Learn more about all the benefits of AQHA membership.

With an AQHA membership, you are eligible to show at AQHA-approved events. Showing is about much more than prizes and the thrill of competition – you’ll also meet lifelong friends and build on the relationship with your American Quarter Horse.

Maybe you enjoy the fast-paced excitement of speed and cattle events, or the casual pace of all-around events. At AQHA-approved shows, you are able to choose among dozens of classes from barrel racing to jumping and western pleasure to halter, so there’s a place for you no matter your interest!

There are three divisions of AQHA showing: open, amateur and youth. The open division typically includes more experienced exhibitors, trainers and professionals (but there are some tough amateur and youth competitors that compete in the open, as well!), while the amateur division is for American Quarter Horse owners who have not trained, judged or received payment for instructing and are 19 years of age or older. The youth division is for those 18 years old or younger, as of January 1 of the current year. 

Plus, with AQHA leveling you are able to be competitive at your level. So if you are just beginning or trying your hand at a new event, you can be confident knowing you are competing against others at your same skill level. And as you and your horse earn more points and experience, you are able to move up levels.

Not only is it fun to compete at AQHA-approved shows, but these events can help you qualify to compete at the championship shows that AQHA hosts each year. There is a championship show for every level, too!

Once you’ve purchased your membership, get out and show!