angle-left Q-Racing Blog: Rendezvous

Q-Racing Blog: Rendezvous

It's a time to come together to make decisions for our future - and do a little celebrating.

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By Ty Wyant

Centuries ago it was a common practice to have a rendezvous. The mountain men – the first white people to head into the unknown West – often had annual “get togethers” called a rendezvous. It served as a bonding experience and sharing where they had been and what they had learned. This is not to overlook the general good time. It is doubtful there was any type of agenda.

It’s time for AQHA’s annual rendezvous that is the AQHA Convention. This year, it will be held March 13-16 at the South Point Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

This is a more formal gathering than the rendezvouses the mountain men devised. It is business addressed by genuine agendas. One similarity is that there is plenty of fun.

Here is a general rundown of events:

    Friday, March 13
        Workshops and meetings
        President’s Reception
Saturday, March 14
        Membership General Meeting
        Board of Directors Meeting
        Committee Meetings
        Fabulous Foundation Party (dress in Vegas-themed garb)
Sunday, March 15
        Committee meetings
        Racing Council meeting
        American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame Banquet

Monday, March 16
        Membership Business Meeting
        Board of Directors Meeting

The American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame Banquet is special. It honors the people and horses who have written their names into the history of the American Quarter Horse. They are the legends who set the standard.

The people joining the list of previous inductees this year are performance horse trainer Bob Avila, racehorse trainer “Sleepy” Gilbreath, past president Johnny Trotter and former AQHA Executive Committee member the late George Phillips. 

Gilbreath and Avila each trained horses that overwhelmed me the first time I saw them and that was before they performed. For Gilbreath it was Ochoa. For Avila is was “Preacher,” aka Brother White in AQHA and National Reined Cow Horse Association records.

Trotter and Phillips made the sacrifice to serve AQHA. It deserves to be recognized.

“The Hall of Fame induction will be tremendous,” AQHA Chief Racing Officer Janet VanBebber said. “Don’t miss this opportunity.”

Well deserved by all.

One of the primary items on the AQHA Racing Committee agenda is how champions are selected. The itinerary states that there will also be a look at champion selection guidelines along with eligibility and selection criteria, and champions selection committee member elections.

The Racing Committee will also hear updates on the Racing Challenge, legislative matters/Horse Racing Integrity Act, microchips, the Association of Racing Commissioners International and the Racing Medication and Testing Consortium.

These are all important items impacting racing’s future.

AQHA is an association of members. If you aren’t a member, become a member. You will be heard and your ideas may turn into action. But first you must join AQHA.

If you wish to help the American Quarter Horse and attend the convention, then go to and sign up. There is more convention info at

It is the most important annual rendezvous for all of us and there will be fun in Vegas.

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