angle-left Q-Racing Blog: Thankful

Q-Racing Blog: Thankful

'Tis the season to count our blessings.

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By Ty Wyant

It’s a shame that there is only one day a year dedicated to being thankful. Of course, that’s the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. We should try to be thankful every moment of every day.

Racing is going through a time of change.

We should be thankful for change. There are many issues and, seemingly, more opinions than there are issues. However, change is coming, and we should embrace the upcoming challenges.

There have already been changes to help secure American Quarter Horse racing for the future. Main among these are increased security, safety and integrity measures. These changes are not done and will probably never be fully complete.

Hard working and dedicated people have stepped forward to address these and the other issues facing racing. Be thankful for these people. They are out there trying to make racing better.

 Of course, other qualified people have other ideas about what should become of our sport. Be thankful for these people. Different opinions and civil discussion lead to viable outcomes.

There are people who make uninformed proclamations and derisive comments. Just check out the internet. They thrive and do little, if any, research. Personally, I find myself spending less and less time on social media, and it now takes very little for me to unfriend a person. Actually, I don’t unlike them, they do it to themselves. I am thankful that they have a platform to express their opinions. I am also thankful that I don’t need to pay attention. It’s all part of freedom of speech, a hallowed right. If you post on social media, do us all a favor and do your homework. The horse deserves that much respect.

I am thankful for the 2019 racing season. It doesn’t take much to please me when it comes down to fair and safe horse races. This year has provided an array of horses stepping up and gaining deserved national attention.

It’s all good. I truly appreciate a Grade 1 race when the top four horses are within a neck of each other at the wire as much as I respect a horse who extends a Grade 1 winning streak with a dominating daylight victory.

These racing situations create interest and fans.

Last and far from least, I am thankful for Ed Burgart, who is leaving his iconic run as the Los Alamitos announcer after the running of the Los Alamitos Two Million. I find it difficult to think of anyone who has done more to promote Quarter Horse racing. He has done this by being the total professional that every fan – from the novice owner to the experienced horseplayer – can trust. Ed always does his homework, and the combination of his work ethic and intelligence made him someone who should always be part of Quarter Horse racing history.

Ed will continue to deliver on a part-time basis by providing the Los Alamitos morning line. I’ll wager he’ll be producing a morning line that handicappers can trust for quite a while.

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