Qualify for the 2019 Adequan® Select World Championship Show

Qualify for the 2019 Adequan® Select World Championship Show

Here are eight reasons you should qualify for the 2019 AQHA Select World Championship Show, presented by Adequan® (polysulfated glycosaminoglycan).

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From The American Quarter Horse Association

The AQHA Select World Championship Show, presented by Adequan®(polysulfated glycosaminoglycan), is the world’s largest, single-breed world championship horse show open exclusively to amateur exhibitors age 50 and over. This is the pinnacle event for Select amateur competitors from around the world to compete against their peers for a chance at a world championship title. 

Qualifying for this prestigious event is a huge feat requiring determination, passion and dedication. Receiving a qualifier’s packet in the mail confirming that you and your American Quarter Horse are among the elite makes the long hours of work worth it. 

Here’s why Select amateur exhibitors should set their sights on qualifying:

  1. New location! The 2019 Adequan® Select World will be at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth. This will be the first of three years for the show in Fort Worth and exhibitors will be able to enjoy the surrounding city during their time at the show. Check out all of the nearby attractions to visit.
  2. #GetThatGlobe. The coveted golden globe and world champion buckle are two of the most coveted prizes in the equine industry. And your only shot at them is if you qualify for the Adequan® Select World. 
  3. Claim your piece of the prize. More than $400,000 in purse and prizes was awarded at the 2018 Adequan® Select World. 
  4. Compete for an RHB Horse Award. The AQHA Ranching Heritage Breeders program is designed to showcase the qualities of a working ranch horse by recognizing the top Ranching Heritage-bred horses competing at major competitions. Find out if you’re eligible to win the Ranching Heritage-bred Horse Award by checking the list of Ranching Heritage Breeders
  5. Compete against the best from across the world. The 2018 Adequan® Select World hosted exhibitors from 43 states of the United States; Belgium; four Canadian provinces; Costa Rica; and Switzerland. 
  6. Do it for your horse. He’s your friend, your confidant and your teammate – so this one’s for him! Qualify for the Adequan® Select World, and he’ll have a nifty title added to his permanent AQHA record. You can check out your horse’s records by signing into AQHA Services.
  7. Sport the swag. As an Adequan® Select World qualifier, you can order special items like a buckle, jacket and plaque. Visit the American Quarter Horse Store while you’re at the show or online at www.aqhstore.com. 
  8. Get insider tips at free clinics. At the show, you’ll get to attend the Nutrena Ride the Pattern Clinics taught by AQHA Professional Horsemen. This is your chance to gain some insight, ask questions and also support the AQHA Professional Horsemen’s Crisis Fund where Nutrena matches your donations, dollar for dollar. 

Competitors qualify for the Adequan® Select World by earning a predetermined number of points to secure a spot in each of the classes, representing English, western and halter disciplines.

The 2019 Adequan® Select World is August 27-31 in Fort Worth. If you're in search of more information, your go-to place is www.aqha.com/selectworld.  Be sure to check in on the Facebook event page to join the conversation and keep up on the latest news.