Ranching Blog: Oh, Baby!

Ranching Blog: Oh, Baby!

We got a lot of nice babies this year, but...

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By Jenn Zeller

We’ve been over-run with fillies.  

In 2017, we had 10 foals born. 
The count: 1 horse colt, 9 fillies. 

In 2018, we had 10 foals born. 
The count: 3 horse colts, 7 fillies. 

Our first colt of the year was born June 2, 2019. And based on the numbers above, we were pretty dang excited! I had been gone to a rodeo when I got the news. When I got back, of course the first thing I did was grab a camera, jump on the four wheeler and head to the mare pasture! 

That colt was mine; a full sibling to last year’s filly, DX Ezybrzy Pnkmartini (WDX Banjobreeze Baby-DX Nukethis Bombshel by WDX Nukem).  His mama put a lot of white on him, just like she did with last year’s baby.  He’s decided I’m pretty cool. I scratch his back, which means he makes faces and he hunts me up when he sees me. His big sister thinks I’m amazing too – and I can’t wait to ride her next summer! 

As I’ve said before, going to the mare pasture in the summer when the babies are being born is basically like Christmas. There are squeals of delight when we see a mare come over the hill bringing her newborn with her. 

This year, we had a gorgeous buckskin filly born. 

That made a girl named Kelsey exceptionally happy. She was dancing around in the greenhouse at a local farm store when she got the news. She’s waited almost 20 years for that mare of hers to give her a buckskin colt. The mare has given her plenty of palominos, sorrels, bays, but never a buckskin. And to sweeten the deal, that filly was sired by her home-raised stallion, DX Nuklear Fuzion. 

The final count for 2019:
11 foals born, 2 colts, 9 fillies. 

I don’t know what to make of those numbers, but I think we’re going to have to become a crew that rides all the mares since our gelding number is going to be pretty low in the coming years! 

The future of the horse program here looks pretty bright if you ask us – even if we will be riding a bunch of mares! 

Jenn Zeller is an aspiring horseman, photographer, freelance writer, barrel racer and collector of horses and chickens. She resides in South Dakota on the DX Ranch, a third-generation cattle ranch where the family raises Angus and Brangus cows, as well as Quarter Horses. Contact her at jennifer@thesouthdakotacowgirl.com.