Reporting a Horse as Gelded

Reporting a Horse as Gelded

Let AQHA know if your horse has been gelded. We will change his certificate for free.

palomino horse photo by Elizabeth Hay for 2018 AQHA Calendar contest

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If you've gelded your horse, follow this easy process to get his information updated.

There are many certificate corrections AQHA will make for customers at no charge, including brands and scars. Another common correction AQHA makes is changing your horse’s status from stallion to gelding.

No matter what age your horse is gelded, it’s important to keep his records accurate.  You want a correct certificate in the event you show the horse, sell the horse or, heaven forbid, he gets lost or stolen.

The process of updating your horse’s record to gelded is simple.

Simply send to AQHA:

  1. The horse’s original certificate of registration
  2. A signed statement denoting the sex change and the date gelded (if unknown, please give an approximate date)

After receiving your information, AQHA records will be updated and your horse’s certificate will be stamped “gelding” and returned to you at no charge.

Learn more about other corrections/additions you can make to your horse’s certificate for free or for a nominal fee.