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Was I schooling Miss Shiney or should I have been schooling myself?

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By Barbara Aitken Jenkins

I see your break of gait and will raise you an OP. 

As I reflect on my third horse show in a month, I am acutely aware of one thing. As an amateur, no trainer has ever given me a lesson on the “how-to” of preparing for a world show.

A few weeks ago, I was sitting in the stands awaiting the ranch riding and reining at a local cowboy church ranch show. I felt confident in the fact I had planned four schooling shows to prepare for the Lucas Oil AQHA World Championship Show. However, the longer I sat in the stands, the more my heart raced. I knew I was there to school Miss Shiney, but what should that “schooling” entail?

A talk with my dad helped ease my rising panic. We decided I would go slow that day. I would raise the bar the following weekend. On the third show, I would put my hand down and ask for greatness (just like I plan to do in OKC). On the fourth and final show, I would ask Miss Shiney to go slow once again, all the while working on correctness, soft maneuvers, and attentiveness throughout the patterns.

Simple, right?

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