Stallion Breeding Reports: What's Required

Stallion Breeding Reports: What's Required

If your AQHA stallion is breeding, he has to have a DNA type and Genetic Panel test on file plus a stallion breeding report. Learn more about these requirements.

Owning an American Quarter Horse stallion

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There are two basic requirements for AQHA stallion owners: DNA type and Genetic Panel test the stallion and file your stallion breeding report by November 30 every year.

Every stallion registered with AQHA who is breeding has to have a DNA type and Genetic Panel test on file. 

Your stallion breeding report lets AQHA know what mares your stallion bred in that breeding season. I get a lot of questions about placing mares of other breeds on the report. The rule is that ONLY mares that will produce a foal registerable by AQHA have to be on the report. That means AQHA mares, AQHA appendix mares and Thoroughbred mares need to be placed on the report.

Another basic rule that people tend to forget is that all eligible mares BRED need to be on the report, not all eligible mares who took to the breeding. Look at it this way: pay $10 to list a mare that may or may not be pregnant, or pay $50 for her when she comes up open and then drops a foal in 12 months anyway. I've had customers call with that very story more times than I care to count! I'm somebody's mother, you know, and I have that 'hurt when you hurt' mentality, so don't do that! Just list all of your mares so you can pocket most of those stud fees!

Other basic information that needs to be placed on the stallion breeding report is breeding dates, method and location. The recorded owner of the stallion's signature is required when filing on paper or, if filing online, the stallion owner must be logged into AQHA Member Services with his/her username and password; additionally the online account must have the membership ID and PIN linked to file the report. Paper forms can be printed from the AQHA Web site, or your AQHA Customer Service representative can mail, email, or fax one to you.

Stay tuned for more in-depth information about AQHA stallion breeding reports. In the meantime, contact us if you have a question or something in particular you'd like me to focus a stallion breeding post on.