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Start Showing Halter

Try your hand at halter with these tips from AQHA Professional Horseman Denny Hassett.
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I want to start showing a horse in halter. Where do I start?

In the March 2012 issue of The American Quarter Horse Journal, halter legend AQHA Professional Horseman Denny Hassett of Auburn, Kansas, teaches you how to start your halter career.


When I'm helping someone buy their first halter horse, I try to get to know the person and see how much experience they've had in the show pen. If all they've ever done is ride and trained a horse, then we just show them how it's done.

Here are some tips that I find helpful in the show pen:

  • Stand positioned facing three-quarters to the horse’s face to where you can always know where the judge is. In this position, you can see the judge, but you can always look off to the side and see if your horse’s foot moves.
  • Watch your horse’s head all the time and make sure you keep the head and neck out straight. If he’s going to move or cock a leg, he’ll generally cock or move their head.
  • Always know where your judge is at but don’t stare at him.
  • Don’t confuse the ring steward with the judge.
  • Keep an eye on the legs and know where they’re at when you get them set. It takes practice with someone else telling you how they look from the side.

-- AQHA Professional Horseman Denny Hassett