Summer Ideas for Horsey Kids

Summer Ideas for Horsey Kids

Getting outdoors to ride improves the bond with your horse and allows you to enjoy the beauty and freedom of summer.

girl rides a chestnut horse bareback in a green pasture (Credit: courtesy of Adrianna Davidson)

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Most horse kids spend their summers outdoors. Whether it is practicing for the next event, going on trail rides, playing games on horseback or just spending time in the barn loving on your horse – summer is full of horse-related activities.

Some ideas for summer horseback fun:

  1. Make it competitive with play-day games and activities. (Egg-and-spoon race, anyone?)
  2. Plan a special day for all the horsey kids in your barn. Ride together, costume classes, try out those play-day activities – just have fun!
  3. Hit the trails. But first, make sure everyone has the fundamentals of trail riding safety.
  4. Cool off with a spa day and treat your American Quarter Horse to a luxurious bath. (Use this checklist of must-have supplies.)
  5. Practice patterns to prepare for your next horse show. AQHA offers e-books packed with free downloadable practice patterns for horsemanship, showmanship and hunt seat equitation.
  6. Brush up on your horse judging skills. AQHA's Competitive Horse Judging Manual is a must-have resource. 
  7. Try these fun groundwork exercises that will help your horse relax, be more supple and trust you more. 
  8. Learn how to rope. Roping Basics, a free guide from AQHA, teaches the fundamentals of swinging a rope.
  9. Study how to tie a mecate. A mecate is the braided rope that attaches to a bosal, thus completing a hackamore. Hackamores are an essential tool in vaquero horse training and often used on junior horses competing in working cow horse (reined cow horse), Versatility Ranch Horse, ranch riding and/or western pleasure.
  10. Build a mounting block. AQHA provides free building instructions for a DIY mounting block
  11. Try this barn scavenger hunt and challenge your friends or siblings to see who can clock the fastest time.
  12. Complete AQHA's Activity Book for Horse-Loving Kids.
  13. Quiz yourself on American Quarter Horse conformation standards or anatomy by downloading AQHA's free charts.
  14. Submit your priority application by August 15 to participate in the AQHA Ranching Heritage Young Horse Development Program. Selected participants will receive a weanling bred by an AQHA Ranching Heritage Breeder, then complete milestones and challenges over the next year, vying for thousands of dollars in scholarships.

This is just the short of it. The options are endless, so what are you waiting for? Don’t waste your beautiful summer days inside in front of a computer screen. Instead, make memories with your American Quarter Horse.