The Benefits of Joining AQHA and Your International Affiliate

The Benefits of Joining AQHA and Your International Affiliate

The benefits of becoming a member of AQHA and your international affiliate are endless – connect with like-minded American Quarter Horse enthusiasts and take advantage of the great programs that AQHA has to offer.

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AQHA International affiliates work to promote American Quarter Horse ownership and AQHA membership around the world. As a member, access to the best equine and educational programs in the industry are at your fingertips. Below is an overview of the programs available to members. 

AQHA International Educational Marketplace 

The AQHA International Educational Marketplace provides educational grants to countries in order to implement clinics and seminars led by AQHA Professional Horsemen, AQHA judges, industry professionals and university equine programs. Seminar hosts can tailor their content based on skill, type of seminar and desired equine topics.  

Quality Samples Program 

The U.S. Livestock Genetics Exports Inc. provides USDA grant dollars to AQHA to support the Quality Samples Program and Market Access Program initiatives to provide export-ready semen from U.S. stallions, as well as educational opportunities with American professionals. This program diversifies the gene pool globally, produces more registered American Quarter Horses and showcases the quality of US exports. If you are interested in a quality samples program for your affiliate, contact

International Best Remuda Award 

AQHA created the Best Remuda Award to honor the contributions that ranch horses have made to the heritage of the American Quarter Horse. The International Best Remuda Award debuted in 2018 to recognize international ranchers outside of the United States that take pride in their remuda program. 

AQHA World Show Adviser Program 

International participation at AQHA world championship shows is welcome and encouraged, and to make this process easier, AQHA has developed the AQHA World Show Adviser Program. International members are paired with an AQHA Professional Horseman, who acts as a guide and encourages riding goals. Additionally, the AQHA World Show Adviser conveys the commitment of activities related to AQHA world championship show preparation and exhibition. It is also possible to lease a horse in the United States in order to participate in AQHA world championship shows. 

AQHA Horseback Riding Program 

The AQHA Horseback Riding Program rewards participants for spending time with their horse. Once enrolled in the program, participants can start recording hours. Valuable prizes are earned as participants work through the levels. All breeds are welcome - there is both an American Quarter Horse division and an All-Breeds division.


AQHA and international affiliates have a program suitable for the entire family. Whether your interests lie in showing, breeding, general education, or other areas, joining AQHA and your affiliate offers endless opportunities. Contact the affiliate in your country to find more ways to connect with the American Quarter Horse community. Learn more and view the list of affiliates here:

Benefits of becoming an affiliate 

Interested in becoming an AQHA affiliate? You’ll have the ability to partake in all of the great opportunities above, plus you’ll have direct contact with AQHA’s international department for assistance with setting up summits, shows and so much more. Contact for more information.