angle-left The Fabulous - er, Fuzzy - Miss Shiney

The Fabulous - er, Fuzzy - Miss Shiney

Miss Shiney’s fuzz doesn’t define her worth, her abilities or her value.

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By Barbara Aitken Jenkins

I’m going to the AQHA World Championship Show with a fuzzy horse. And that’s okay with me.

When I qualified in July, I vowed Miss Shiney would walk into the Gateway of Champions in full golden glory. Her white hair billowing from her mane and tail, her body slick and dark as honey, as I sail through the preliminaries all the way to the finals.

As a former all-around exhibitor, I felt confident in my abilities to ensure Shiney, would be, well, shiney walking into the pen in November. I pulled out the tricks of the trade of keeping a horse slick for the winter.

However, I’m four days from competing. As I take off her blanket, I realize my mare will walk into the pen sporting dappled fuzz. Meanwhile, Miss Shiney’s BFF Luna, aka Stroked By Top Prize, is as my grandmother might say, “slick as snot."

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